Spider Crush Forage

Spider Crush Forage is a new free to download app that has just launched on Google Play. I love all things Halloween and spookiness so this game was right up my street, it has creepy spiders crawling all over the screen that send a chill down your spine as they are so life like. It puts a whole new frightful twist on a classic matching game, even my 3 year old loved playing it – he was so much better at it than me!

Mr K got stuck in straight away when I told him about it, I caught him playing it a number of times. It is certainly addictive, you can’t put your phone down. The game is great as it doesn’t start off too easy, with some games you have to play for a while before it gets challenging so it keeps your interest. The graphics are amazing and really sharp, you start to believe there are actual spiders crawling around on your phone. There are 50 levels to complete so you will never be bored especially as there is a Wheel of Fortune to spin each day.

Spider Crush Forage is an ideal app to play on the go, whether you are travelling or just at home taking 5 minutes, you will definitely want to play. If you are looking for a new and thrilling app to play this Halloween I would certainly give this one a go.


Disclaimer: I was asked to review the Spider Crush Forage app, all words and opinions are my own.

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