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The Diet Plate® Online Plan

I have always been the type of person to keep a food journal and have done this for around 13 years on and off. I have tons of notebooks hanging around the house with days and days worth of meals and exercise records in them, I love referring back to them. So when the opportunity to join the Diet Plate® online plan arose I jumped at the chance.

The Diet Plate® online plan is a personal dietary, weight management and exercise record tailored to your specific requirements. It is really easy to sign up to and takes you through a series of questions about your weight, height etc and your target weight/goals. The plan then calculates your ideal weight and sets you daily targets – it is a plan that is bespoke to you.

You will need to weigh in once a week and try to stick to your allocated calorie limit which is in the Green Zone – this is the zone you ideally want to be in. If your calorie count is orange, that means you haven’t eaten enough and if it is red, you have gone over your daily allowance.

Each week the plan will calculate a new daily target and as these are recalculated daily it doesn’t matter if you slip up or just have a day off from the plan there is no need to worry as this plan really works around you and your lifestyle. It makes you think about what is in your food and helps you to make healthier choices – no foods are off limits.

You are able to add any food to your planner and save this template to refer back to, you can also add your exercise activity where the plan will bring up a huge list of workouts and general movements. What’s good about this plan is that you can take it everywhere with you as it can be accessed via phone, tablet or PC, so you really can stay on track.

If you have a Diet Plate® you can use these tools together getting you to your goals quicker as there will be more accuracy. I love the fact that you can scan the nutritional label when adding foods which will then be stored and ready to use next time making life that little bit simpler. This really is a plan that everyone can use no matter what your goal is whether it be weight loss, weigh gain or maintaining your current weight.

You can get membership for 3 months at £24.99, 6 months at £49.99, 9 months at £74.99 and 12 months at £99.99, so it is really affordable.


Disclaimer: I was kindly given free membership for the Diet Plate® online plan in exchange for an honest review.

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