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The Diet Plate®

Summer is well and truly here, people are getting ready for holidays abroad or stay-cations in the UK and others have returned from a holiday feeling sluggish and bloated after indulging in the all inclusive food at the hotel… sound about right? Yup, the latter is most definitely me, I always feel like I need to eat a huge salad when I return from a holiday abroad, my body craves fresh, healthy food.

I’m always starting a “diet” on a Monday – but never actually sticking to it. When I say diet, I actually mean eating clean, cutting out treats during the week, no takeaways and eating as healthy as I can. I’m never actually on a diet as I cannot stick to a ridgid plan, I like to try and make a lifestyle change rather than restrict myself completely because I will just think about that food all day, obsess over it and then scoff a packet of biscuits, bar of chocolate and whatever else I can find. Things like that do not work for me and they are not realistic, I love food and going out to eat as a family it is something I enjoy. I find if I eat healthily during the week I can have a treat at the weekend and not feel bad about it, eating rubbish all the time makes me feel bloated and lethargic.

I heard about the Diet Plate® years ago so when I was sent a plate and bowl I was very excited. The Diet Plate® is the perfect portion control tool, the plate is separated into sections:-

  • Protein
  • Starchy Carbohydrates
  • Combination Meals
  • Unlimited Non-Starchy Vegetables & Salad
  • Cheese

Now, I must admit it does look a bit daunting at first but honestly it is so easy to use. The plate and bowl come with an informative guide that explains everything you need to know. I have been using the Diet Plate® and always thought I ate healthy and the correct portion for my size, how wrong was I!? By using the plate for my evening meals it made me realise how much I was overeating by giving myself a bigger portion than needed and wondering why I wasn’t losing the weight. It is all very well eating right but if I gave myself a huge portion I wasn’t really doing any good.

You can still eat your regular meals using the plate, it isn’t about restricting any foods at all it is about making healthy choices and sticking to portion control, you can still have treat meals. The Diet Plate® is an invaluable kitchen essential and before you know it you are reaching for that plate at every meal.

I was also sent the Diet Plate® bowl which is a fantastic idea as I always overfill my cereal bowl in the morning. As you can see below there are markers around the bowl to indicate how much cereal you should be having. The plan allows 200 calories for breakfast along with 2 pieces of fruit which is ample I think to keep you going until lunch time. There is a cereal chart in the guide setting out specific cereals but if you cannot find your chosen breakfast that’s fine as there is an easy way to work out the nutritional values etc. You can use the bowl for lunch if you were to have soup or a salad, again the information for this is in the guide.

I was intrigued to find out that there is a plate for children (not a diet plate) – The Magic Plate® – which is a healthy eating plate for children aged 4 years old to 10 years old.

For now, I’m sticking to the Diet Plate® I would certainly recommend this if you are looking to make a healthier choice with your diet and lose a few pounds if needed, I see this as a way of life for me rather than a fad. There have been lots of studies confirming the plan works and the health benefits are all there to see. The thing I like about using the plate is, it is a one off purchase, once you have bought the plate you have it for life.


Disclaimer: I was sent the Diet Plate® to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  • Clare M

    That really is a simple idea. I know that one of the best ways to keep an eye on what you eat is to use a smaller plate. My parents have huge Denby plates and at a roast dinner at their house it’s so tempting to fill the whole plate – then I regret it! Like you say portion control is the key.

    • Natalie

      I do love a good Sunday roast dinner, yum! I suppose it is just realising that I don’t need to stuff my face every day then moan I’m feeling bloated.

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