The Paulos Circus – Creating Memories Tour 2018, Darts Farm, Topsham

You know summer is here when The Paulos Circus rolls into town. This year we were treated to the #CreatingMemoriesTour2018, which took over 8 months planning to perfect an outstanding performance.

If you have visited this particular circus before you will know how much time and effort goes into each show and will not be disappointed this year, it blows the other shows out of the water.

The Creating Memories Tour really does live up to its name, it is a visual, dramatic, breath-taking and interactive delight which captures the attention of the whole family.

Upon arriving, after being seated we were greeted by everyone’s favourite clown – Mr N. Amelie and Charlie were utterly delighted to meet their old buddy and couldn’t wait to high five him. If I’m honest I was pleased to see so many new and modern acts along with the traditional faces we are familiar with.

First up was Los Sanchez scrambling around The Wheel of Death with no fear. We were on the edge of our seats praying he made the jump, it was brilliant. New performances included Ms Aurelie who took to the sky on an illuminated hoop, she gracefully glided through the air effortlessly.

There is always something magical about visiting the circus, I never got the experience when I was little and since the children came along, even at an early age we have taken them. It has become a family tradition which I hope never ends.

The show runs for just over an hour with no interval, to be honest the time passes so quickly with all the fun and excitement, you don’t have time to shift your eyes from the circus ring. Especially with acts such as daring knife throwing and juggling.

I was so so pleased that Mr N got his own slot, he was hilarious and we were howling with laughter. The children thought he was fantastic with his routine, he gets the audience involved with his antics and it really moves with the times (he even mastered flossing), everyone loved the Michael Jackson performance. The relationship between the Ringmaster and Mr N is slapstick gold, Amelie was chuffed they became friends at the end.

My favourite part of the performance was Yuri Gottani’s laser light show, it was visually outstanding, we were ooh-ing and aaahh-ing all the way through. I have never seen anything to that scale before, it was so professional and well thought out. The finale was a high wire walk which was performed with such skill, I don’t know how they do it. My heart was in my throat throughout especially when Los Sanchez stood up on a chair!

As the show came to a close a flurry of bubbles floated down from the sky, this was the perfect ending to a transfixing, unique performance.


Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted tickets for the family to enjoy a show in exchange for an honest review – all words and opinions are my own.

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