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Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For Mum

Let’s face it, Mums are usually the ones who organise Christmas (sorry Dads, but you know it is true). From food, adding dates to the calendar – Nativity play, Christmas dinners, other various school events, Christmas catch ups – you get the picture. We are last in the pecking order for gifts and secretly hope that there will be at least a little pressie under the tree (fingers crossed!!).

I thought I would share a few gift ideas which, over the year I have loved. I think these gifts are something that every Mum will appreciate, the following have been tried and tested by me, a few have been gifted but I thought it might be nice to get a real perspective and an honest review.


I absolutely love this local brand. I have received a few exquisite pieces of jewellery from this wonderful company and I can honestly say every time I wear either a necklace or earrings I get so many lovely comments. The quality is outstanding, very robust which I know is not exactly a usual comment you would expect. However I have two young children who are unpredictable and could try to wrestle me at any point. I have a gorgeous Tiffany necklace that I received for my birthday a few years ago, the chain has broken no less than 8 times it is flimsy and certainly not to be worn around children.

The pieces are very dainty, pretty and can be worn with absolutely any outfit. They really add something special to what you are wearing and I just love the packaging. So if you are looking for a really special gift that could be passed on to your daughter then look no further than One & Eight.


I was asked to review a little manual by Neeta Oza by a PR brand at the beginning of the year, little did I know how wonderful and engaging Neeta was. We have become great friends through Instagram (I love the power of social media *sometimes*) and I cannot praise this wonderful lady enough. Her manuals are little bibles of utter deliciousness for all the right reasons, self care and self help are so extremely important to me and a really big part of my life. I know a great deal of others who feel the same and with Neeta’s books – which are the perfect pocket size for a stocking filler – you are guaranteed to fall into her self care bubble too. I have been lucky enough to have been sent all of Neeta’s books and I think they would make a fantastic token to that lovely lady (or man) in your life. Whether it is your Mum, Nan, Sister or best friend, everyone can resonate with the words in her books.


Myself and a fellow blogger won a competition via Twitter last year. The gift we received was a full sized bottle of Ruby Tiger Gin – oh my word it was delicious! Poured over ice with a dash of lemonade and a fancy straw, this gin is so scrumptious and a fab addition to that festive party. If you are a gin lover then I would certainly be dropping some hints about this one. I loved this gin, it was the perfect Christmas accompaniment.


I have wanted to get my eyebrows microbladed for years, fear is the only thing that was stopping me. In a strange twist of events I entered a competition for half price microblading, thinking nothing of it (I never win anything) I entered. Low and behold I won, I was excited but bricking it all the same. You can read all about my experience here but I have just been for my top up appointment, yes it hurt just as much as the first time but I cannot stress enough how awesome it is to have natural permanent eyebrows. I used to tint my own but they never lasted more than a week or so, since having them microbladed I’ve not had to do a single thing to them. If you are local to Taunton, Somerset I truly suggest checking out Sacha, she’s such a doll and her work is impeccable. I realise that this is probably quite an extravagant gift idea but it is sooooo worth it, it is more of an investment in my eyes and lasts for a year, which in the long run saves money, right?


I was gifted these gorgeous jim jams during the early part of the year. I have worn these comfy, cosy, pretty pjs all year. They are the perfect gift for Mums, we love being snuggly and cosy right? They have washed so well and are a firm favourite of mine – what more could you want under the tree.

I haven’t listed too many items as I just wanted to share my favourites from the year. But to be honest, how can you go wrong with jewellery, jim jams, books and gin??


*Disclaimer* As mentioned, the items with an asterisk have been gifted previously. I have not been asked to review/talk about or share any of these products I truly recommend them and have loved them.

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