Tin of Gin – Review

I’m going to start by being completely honest with you, I have tried gin about twice in my life. Once when I was in the pub drinking (that did not end well), the other time was at Christmas, I had a mini bottle and drank it neat – yuk! I was starting to think I wasn’t cut out for this uber cool drink.

Over the past few years gin has become increasingly popular and trendy, I see endless photos on Instagram of big posh glasses topped with ice and a slice and I kind of want to get in on that – photo coming soon, I’m sure! Last weekend was my birthday so what better time to try gin again. I bought 2 balloon glasses, ice, tonic water and a lime. This is really embarrassing but Mr K and I had to turn to a Jamie Oliver video on Youtube to show us how to make the perfect gin and tonic.

I am not a gin expert and haven’t a clue which gins are the good ones and which to avoid, I would end up getting all confused. Tin of Gin kindly sent me two tins to review which was so lovely as it meant I could try an array of different gins and not have 3 or 4 huge bottles hanging around. Tin of Gin are a local company here in Devon offering you the chance to sample a good selection of gins which come in a gorgeous gift packed tin.


This tin contains four 50ml bottles of gin and is priced at £23.99.

JJ WHITLEY ELDERFLOWER GIN – This gin is a perfect sweet summers day tipple, it would taste amazingly refreshing with crushed ice. There are hints of cinnamon, juniper and coriander mixed with the elderflower this gin is a sweet treat.

6’OCLOCK DAMSON GIN – You can enjoy this particular gin neat as it is dry, fruity and smooth in flavour. I can imagine the dads loving this gin poured over ice, I love the look of the bottle it is very masculine – a great gift for Father’s Day.

EDGERTON BLUE SPICED GIN – This is distilled in London and is a classic gin. I love the vibrant blue colour, the taste is very smooth, understated and also refreshing.

RAISTHORN RHUBARB GIN – Rhubarb gin is fast becoming a favourite with people. It is sweet in flavour and smells absolutely delicious! I can see me drinking this during the summer months sat outside sunning myself with this fine tipple in my hand.



This tin contains four 50ml bottles of the best gins that Britain has to offer and is £23.99

LONDON NO.1 – There are 12 unique ingredients that have gone into this gin giving it a flavoursome taste.

PLYMOUTH GIN – I was excited to see this gin in the tin as we visited Plymouth a couple of weeks ago and walked by the Plymouth Gin Distillery. I love how local this is it contains Dartmoor water and is really delicious.

BROKERS GIN – This was my favourite bottle, it has a really cute hat on the top. Brokers gin is made with fruit, herbs and spices which have been imported from three different continents and is blended to be dry.

SIPSMITH GIN – This is a classic and popular gin. Great added to a cocktail but equally as decadent with tonic – a perfect Gin & Tonic for beginners like me.

As well as being able to taste a variety of gins these tins make ideal presents for any occasion. I think this is a genius idea as like me, I had no idea which gins I would like. Tin of Gin take the hassle out of choosing for me and as the bottles are only 50ml I have tried more types of gin than I think I would have if I had gone out and bought a big bottle.

Tin of Gin have an amazing blog on their website offering advice on how best to drink gin, useful tips and much more. They currently have a Valentine’s Day package which looks great.


Disclaimer: I was sent the tins of gin to review, all words and opinions are my own.

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