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Valentine’s Day Gifts For All The Family

We have finally escaped the dark clutches of January, entering a new bright positive month – the month of lurve! Love it or loathe it, February is all about Valentine’s Day and I for one, love it. Now Mr K and I are parents we tend to involve the children in our Valentine’s Day celebrations, I think it is lovely to make a fuss bringing out all the hearts and flowers – the kiddies go crazy for it.

This year I have put together a small guide of gorgeous Valentine’s gifts that the whole family can enjoy (not the alcoholic ones obvs!).


You cannot have Valentine’s Day without scoffing some delicious chocs. My children are always the first to delve into a box of chocolates and these Guylian Praline Hearts are just the ticket. I think this is a great budget friendly gift (at only £1 for a small box) that is still pretty special.


I love this gift idea, it is practical and can be used by anyone. I don’t know about you but my hands at the moment are in a terrible state, dry, cracked and really sore – not pretty. I started using SEAMS hand cream and it instantly transformed my beaten up fingers into moisturised, soft, youthful looking hands. It is jam packed full of natural ingredients and Pro-Vitamin B5 – all the essentials you need to replenish that much lost moisture during the winter months. As I mentioned SEAMS isn’t just for us gals, it is just a versatile gift for someone, perhaps even a Father’s Day present or a birthday gift.


This one is for the lads in your life. If your partner has a beard/stubble or is even thinking about growing a beard, this range is perfect. Mr K has a very thick and established beard, he is forever faffing with oils, washes and balms to tame it – who knew you could have a bad beard day!?

He has been trialing the Brisk Beard Grooming Range and cannot rate it enough. There are a few different products within this collection; Beard & Facewash, Beard Oil and Beard Balm. I’m not sure who spends more time getting ready. But I think it is great that there are such products out there to help maintain a good grooming regime. The products from this range contain some amazing ingredients and leave beards smelling and feeling fantastic. I think Mr K’s favourite product is the Beard Oil, it is hydrating, helps tame any stray hairs, keeps it soft and manageable.


Definitely not one for the kiddies!! Now dry January is finally over, the nights are starting to get a little lighter and there is a small hint of spring to the air. I most certainly enjoy a little tipple at the weekend and prefer a light fresh beverage to the dark hues of red wine I have been sipping during those winter months.

What can I say, Mermaid Pink Gin is absolutely stunning. The bottle itself is just a work of art and is plastic free, 100% recyclable as is the cork and the best bit (for me, being coeliac) is it is vegan and gluten free – yippee!

Mermaid Pink Gin is infused with fresh Isle of White strawberries, lemon zest and Mermaid’s Kiss. The taste is far less sweet than most pink gins which is a win for me and it has no added sugar. I do find some flavoured gins to be syrupy and really sickly sweet but Mermaid Pink Gin does not fall into that category. Served over ice with either lemonade or aromatic tonic and a fresh slice of something zingy, you have the perfect Valentine’s Day creation. I love gin and have tried lots, you could say I have become a bit of gin snob and will certainly go for luxury taste over price. This would make a wonderful gift this Valentine’s Day to enjoy over dinner or nibbles. I think it would work perfectly as a base for some exotic cocktails perhaps for a girly night in or a date night with your other half. This gin is just the prettiest most delicious pink gin I have tasted and after the drink is gone I am going to turn the bottle into a light by putting tiny fairy lights in it.



This gift really got me excited. Being coeliac I really struggle with finding scrumptious chocolate that does not contain gluten, it often gets me down and is horrible not being able to just go into a shop, pick up any chocolate bar and scoff it without a worry. I have tried Ombar Chocolate Bars before, Mr K bought me a big bar for Mother’s Day last year. There are a few new flavours on the market now, my favourites are the Ombar Centres Pistachio and the Coconut & Vanilla – oh my goodness they are absolutely delicious! The bars are organic, vegan and gluten free.


Even pets can get involved with Valentine’s Day and I found these really cute dog treats – Yappy Personalised ‘Love Bites’ for the fur baby in your life. They come in a little tin especially for your pooch, I love that you can reuse this tin for future treats.


I usually make a Valentine’s Day breakfast for my children. Asda bring out heart shaped crumpets at this time of year so I always pick up a pack. I serve on heart themed plates with little napkins and decorate the table with heart sequins and balloons. The children usually receive a little token gift of a chocolate of some sort, again purchased from the supermarket and a little teddy – they love this stuff.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on gifts as I mentioned above the supermarkets have an amazing range of pocket money pressies for your little ones.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide and I gave you some inspiration when shopping.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.


Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post meaning some of the products above have been gifted. All words and opinions are my own.

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