**CLOSED** WIN a Cartwright & Butler Hamper Courtesy of milk&more

I recently reviewed the fantastic service provided by milk&more who deliver everyday essentials and milk direct to your doorstep. They use local Milkmen who deliver 6 days a week, this service is of great help if you are ever caught short as you can order direct online. There is no up front costs, no delivery chargeΒ and you can pay via direct debit or debit/credit card, making life that little bit easier.

I have an exciting Christmas competition to share with you, I am giving away a Cartwright & Butler The South Dalton Hamper, courtesy of milk&more.Β This gorgeous hamper is full with luxury treats all packaged in a stunning 12″ signature, painted domed lidded basket and is currently being delivered by Milkmen across the country as part of the seasonal range.

For a chance to win this beautiful hamper simply enter via the Gleam App below, the competition will close on Tuesday 2nd January 2018 – good luck!

milk&more Hamper Competition

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    1. Oh sounds fab and exactly the same as our New Year’s Eve. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, I always wake the kiddies up just before midnight to see the New Year in and also the massive firework display out of our window.

  1. We have a fairly quiet New Year’s celebration. We’ll be home, having a drinkie, watching TV and probably playing a few computer games. But we will see the new year in with something sparkling πŸ™‚

  2. Very quietly. We have a large meal at lunch time and my sister’s family might come to visit then. Generally very laid back.

  3. I’ll be working unfortunately! But, I work with family so we will have a giggle, spending time with each other and bringing drinks and food to the pub visitors aha!

  4. We will be staying at home playing board games with our eldest who’s 9, and letting him stay awake to watch the London fireworks on tv with us

  5. I’ll be spending it at home with my family, nice meal and some cakes and some drinks to toast then all to bed cos tired and working lol

  6. I’ll be at home with my four children and our puppy. If we see the new year in, I will be surprised as we are all usually in bed way before 12!

  7. Quiet night in! We may or may not stay up til midnight, the last few years I’ve been asleep long before the clock chimes midnight lol

  8. I will be going out with my hubby and two girls, my on laws, brother and sister in laws and we are going to be going out to a meal then upstairs to a table for the night for us with a big disco to see in 2018!

  9. Big family get together during the day with the annual family β€œtombola” of stuff no-one wants. Usually hilarious. I remember lots of rugby themed toilet paper one year.

  10. I will be spending it at home. Not sure if I will be staying awake to bring in the New Year – we shall just have to wait and see!

  11. I am
    Still trying to secure a babysitter but if that isn’t successful then I will probably going to sleep and missing new year! I prefer Christmas anyhow x

  12. I’ll be working this NYE, but will be working with my husband so at least we’ll be together for the stroke of midnight. NY day will be spent quietly at home, with good food, good drink and good company

  13. We will be relaxing at home as not planning on going out this year. We will probably order a takeaway and have a few drinks while watching TV.

  14. I have had a stinking cold all over xmas and have lost my sense of taste big time, so by NY eve I hope to have it back so I can have a lovely takeaway and just chill out with family at home!! Much cheaper than going out somewhere to pay over the odds prices for EVERYTHING just because its NY eve!

  15. We are just staying in with out kids and watching a movie, play some games, eat some nice treats and then watching the fireworks at midnight on TV

  16. Having a quiet night with my hubby and children their hoping to stay away till midnight to see the fireworks πŸ™‚

  17. Snuggled up beside the fireplace with my wonderful fiance Mark awww and a nice glass of something fizzy. Bliss. Fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner

  18. we kept it quiet this year after such a busy christmas just 4 of us and played board games, ate pizza and snuggled down on the sofa and we watched pitch perfect 2 together which finished a few minutes before midnight

  19. Had a lovely night in with family- had a huge festive buffet, lots to drink, and watched comedy all night and then watched the London fireworks.

  20. Out for drinks with all my amazing friends celebrating in style as this year we are planning a baby so all being well I won’t be drinking next new year

  21. We invited our friends and their daughter to spend NYE with us. We had a lovely evening with homemade pizzas and cocktails. The girls loved the sparklers we had for midnight too πŸ™‚

  22. We went to a friends party where we all had to dress up and perform a musical as a family, it was hilarious and such fun

  23. Well we had a cozy New years eve at home this year, been a hectic year so we decided on a quiet stress free christmas & new year….and thoroughly enjoyed it as well!!

  24. Quietly at home with a bottle of wine and a movie – our days of going out on New Year’s Eve are long over with πŸ˜€

  25. I spent New Years at home with my hubby and children. My little boy was recovering from a bang to the head that resulted in a hospital visit New Year’s Eve afternoon.

  26. My teens and I sat on my bed and watched the fireworks outside, chatted until 1am then went to bed. It was lovely πŸ™‚

  27. just my hubby and me this year, as both of us poorly, doing new years day get together next weekend when the family all feeling better

  28. Its the first year we have missed the Mystery Streaker in our village lol. Ever since I was a kid, give or take a year or two, our village congregates at the centre of our village of Wendover at the clock tower, and just after Midnight, there is usually a streaker (who knows if its the same one!) and has been for years…its part of the New year tradtition now, to try n spot him! However, this year, I had two poorly little ones, and two older ones helping me sort them, so we had a quiet night in with Total Recall and a mammoth box or Maltesers! lol Exciting huh!

  29. I normally feel massively underwhelmed at new year but this year was nice as my husband who is in the Forces and often away was around and as our kids who are now a bit bigger took an interest and managed to stay up till the bells…

    We played games, ate the last of the cheese and chocolate and I felt very grateful to be in a little bubble with my tribe and wake up hangover free on the 1st!!

    We did however find it funny when we called the girls grandparents who were both partying and slightly worse for wear how boringly sensible we were in comparison…changed days!!

  30. Unfortunately we have all been poorly this Christmas so a nice dinner and early night all round. Boring but our children are small! πŸ˜€

  31. were having a quite New Year just a running buffet and a couple of close friends will join hubby me and my son and we will play board games x

  32. My plan was to have a quiet night in and watch the big fireworks on TV at midnight…fell asleep at 11.50pm and missed the whole thing!!!

  33. We went to a friends house with 3 other couples. It was very low key but lovely to catch up with friends and played board games.

  34. We spent New Year’s Eve, home as a family. I worked a 10 hour shift until 5 in the afternoon, so really couldn’t be bothered with all the hassle of going out. It was a lovely evening. We had our PJ’s on, ordered in a take-away and then ate lots of sweet treats watching family movies!

  35. I spent it at my cousins house and will a load of family I rarely see so it was really nice. We played board games and caught up which was nice!

  36. New Years Eve is a time that we spend together as a couple, often discussing what we want to achieve the following year. We hope to move house next year so lots to discuss and many plans to make!

  37. I saw the new year in the Emerald City…in a seafront hotel with my family….chilled and a nice stroll along the beach new years day watching the horses in the sea…amazing!!

  38. My little boy had an ear infection so I stayed up all night cuddling him as he was crying on and off poor thing. Still managed a cheeky g&t though!

  39. We had a quiet night in with the kids,watched the New Year fireworks from London,danced to some music let a few fireworks off and then went to bed x

  40. We stayed in & had a few drinks at home! We did stay up until midnight to watch the London fireworks show on the TV!

  41. I spent it on my own πŸ™ My partner was working, 16 year old in bed and 18 year old at a party (too quiet)

  42. I spent it being with my hubby and 3 kiddies. Two of them were asleep by midnight, but i wouldn’t want it any other way.

  43. We have literally just moved into our new home and attended a New Years party organised by our village, it was a lovely way to feel like at home and get to know our new neighbours x

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