Young Driver Lesson In The Firefly

When I was contacted by Young Driver asking if my 6 year old daughter would like a driving lesson I thought it was a joke. I quickly got my Google search on and was excited to find a brilliant company especially designed for teaching road safety as well as providing driving lessons to 5 – 17 year olds.

When I told Amelie about it she looked a bit baffled, I’m sure she imagined herself getting strapped into a car like mummy and daddy drive and speeding off down the road. I put her mind at ease by showing her the Firefly car she would be driving, this car has been created for 5 – 10 year olds, it is a two seater with a top speed of 10mph.

Lesson day arrived and it was absolutely storming rain, I was concerned the lesson would be cancelled so I rang the contact and was assured the lesson was still on. We headed to Exeter Racecourse and into the lounge, we were greeted by a lovely friendly lady who was very kind to Amelie and explained what would happen to put her mind at rest. We didn’t have long to wait so we had a peek at other lessons before ours.

It was finally Amelie’s turn, she was led by an instructor who adjusted the seat for her and gave her a briefing about the controls/pedals and what would happen when driving around the course. Amelie looked deep in thought and I think she was listening, she seemed very eager to get going which was great to see.

The instructor guided Amelie around the specially designed driving course a few times before letting her loose on the tracks. At first it was a bit like me when I first learnt to drive – kangerooing along the road! She quickly picked it up though and was bombing about completing maneuvers as her confidence grew, she did have a couple of moments where she ran over a marker but her coordination was so good for a 6 year old.

Standing on the side-lines we were cracked up watching Amelie go around, her little brother however was throwing a monster strop – literally the worst tantrum ever – as he wanted to drive the Firefly. It’s tough only being 3 (nearly 4) and being obsessed with cool cars, but we did promise him we would return when he’s 5 next year. Up next was reversing, she nailed it! I was so impressed with Amelie’s reversing skills she definitely takes after her daddy as mummy hasn’t parallel or reverse parked since her driving test over 10 years ago (oh the shame!!)

Amelie successfully reversed parked the Firefly back into position and bounded out in sheer delight. She looked so proud of herself and was so happy, off she went to collect her very own driving licence. Amelie had to answer a question about traffic lights in order to obtain her licence, she had to sign it and got a stamp. It was a really great experience, an ideal birthday or christmas gift for the younger child and something she will remember. Plus, going into school on Monday telling all your mates you drove a car was pretty epic for her.

Lessons in the Firefly are 20 minutes long and cost £21.49. Children aged 10 -17 don’t miss out either as they can drive a Vauxhall Corsa, you can also book a birthday party with Young Driver.

We had a brilliant time despite the storm and I had a very happy little girl leaving her lesson.


Disclaimer: We were asked to review the Firefly car, all words and opinions are my own.

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