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Cute and Funny Ramblings of a 2 Year Old

Both of my children are complete chatterboxes they never stop. They both said their first word at 6 months old and have continued to talk ever since. Our lives are filled with crazy stories, funny (not funny) jokes, tuneful songs and lots of laughter. Charlie has been making me giggle lots just lately, here are …


Naff Off Winter

I have always loved the colder months, you get to wrap up in snuggly scarves, big chunky knit jumpers and trendy boots. However, I have come to realise that in fact I am not really a fan of winter after Christmas. All year I look forward to September when the children go back to school …


How I Potty Trained My 2 Year Old

This is our potty training story, I’m no expert and only have my experience of potty training┬ámy daughter to go on. If you are thinking about potty training a 2 year old and are after a real life story then you may find this helpful. Day One – 28th December 2016 Today I woke up …