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A Day In The Life Of A 3 Year Old

3 year olds have the life of riley most days, they get up, make demands, eat you out of house and home, play, lounge around and get to be crazy without people batting an eyelid. I thought I would give you an insight into my 3 year olds day. WEDNESDAY 7TH FEBRUARY 2018 5.45am “Mummy, …


What My 3 Year Old Eats

I’ve been having a real issue with Charlie’s eating habits for around a month or so, he has become really fussy. Something which I didn’t think would happen as he has always been a really good eater, I think that Amelie’s fussiness rubs off on him and if she doesn’t like something the whole world …


Boy Holiday Clothing Haul – Next, H&M, Primark

My most favourite thing about booking a holiday apart from the excitement of having all the family together relaxing (or not, if you have energetic children), is buying holiday clothes! Any excuse to shop and I’m there, so here are a few items I bought for Charlie for our holiday abroad. This little lot is …