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Gymxiety – It’s a Thing!!

As the title suggests, Gymxiety – anxiety about going to the gym. I know to some it sounds utterly ridiculous to be nervous/scared or feel like you are going to have a panic attack about walking into a gym to work out, after all what is there to feel nervous about? But for lots of …


Easter Blues, Anxiety, Life Lately & The End of Blogging

Hands up who has the Easter blues? We have been treated to the BEST Easter holiday ever. We started ours flying off to Benidorm for the week, it didn’t go as we thought as I became very poorly resulting in a visit to a Spanish hospital. Despite the illness we had such a fantastic family …


The Supermum Myth – Book Review

The Supermum Myth is a book that every mother should read whether you suffer from anxiety, guilt, feelings of comparison or negative thoughts. It is written by Anya Hayes and Dr Rachel Andrew and published by Crimson Publishing – an independent publisher based in Bath. The book is available from Amazon, Kindle and there is also …