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Top Items To Pack In Mum’s Hospital Bag

Packing a hospital bag had to be one of the most challenging steps for me whilst waiting for my gorgeous bundle to arrive. I packed a bag, repacked a bag, took everything out, started again and then shuffled some more bits around. It is kind of like packing for a holiday, you pack way too …


milk&more – My Experience

Who remembers milk being delivered by the Milkman? We never bought milk from a shop when I was younger it was always delivered to our doorstep whilst we slept. I remember the frozen top of the milk bottle (that was the best part) and being told off for using too much on my cereal. Nowadays …


Back To School Essentials

After flapping like a mad woman last September wondering whether I had the correct uniform for Amelie starting Reception, this year I’ve left everything until the last minute (Sunday 3rd Sept to be exact) and managed to pick up the essentials we needed. Here is a list of everything I’ve bought for year 1. Name …