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Weekend Adventures – Taunton, Looking Back & Father’s Day 2019

Father’s Day weekend, how did you spend yours? Saturday We had no set plans this weekend which is always a good thing. The only commitment we had was a birthday party, actually it was a party Amelie was attending so we could drop and run. I was up with Charlie at the crack of dawn …


Father’s Day From Dad’s Perspective

It’s 4:40am, I am a little hungover, went to bed less than four hours ago and I’m not ready for the day to start yet. But I really need a wee. Do I go, knowing any slight movement will wake the household, meaning the day might start even more premature than normal? Or do I …


Father’s Day 2018 Gift Guide

Whoever you are buying for this Father’s Day, I have some excellent gift inspiration to share that may assist in finding that perfect present. Dobell Cufflinks Cufflinks are that one staple in every man’s wardrobe that you can really have fun with. My children love picking out quirky cufflinks for Mr K and I think they …