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What Mummy Eats In A Day

Just a little insight into what I eat in a day, I don’t eat like this every day. I’m under the weather at the moment with a silly head cold so I’m not particularly hungry and when I am, I quite like picky food. Breakfast This granola is by far the best I’ve tasted, it …


Slow Cooker Sweet Baked Potatoes

Sweet potatoes cooked in a slow cooker? Sounds vile but tastes amazing, I had visions of the potatoes turning into a soggy mess or not cooking at all just sticking to the bottom of the pot. Here’s my how-to… My slow cooker could only fit 2 quite large sweet potatoes in but I know some …

Diet / Fitness

Eats and Exercise

  This week’s eats and exercise is here, I have strayed from the Lean in 15 books as of late and feel completely lost without them so, I’m using them this week. I thought I would share what I’m having for breakfast and lunch also this week. I’m trying to drink a litre of water …