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Mum Hacks – Tanith Carey

Being a parent to however many children you are constantly chasing your tail. What with housework, school runs, baby/toddler groups, play dates, unexpected visitors, etc etc – us parents are run ragged. I’m certainly all for making my life easier and the Mum Hacks book by Tanith Carey is a little bible of brilliance. There …

Mummy Life

Learning To Accept Things – A Personal Post

This is a personal post about trying to accept things the way they are and working on changing the things in my life that I’m not happy with. I’m 5ft dead on the nose, my height doesn’t bother me I’m quite pleased I’m a shortie with little feet. My height bothers other people though, when …


Chit Chat, Rants and Fireworks

This post has no relevance to anything in particular and will mainly consist of me rambling, ranting and just generally having a good moan. This week has been one of those weeks, nothing major has happened just little things have wound me up and made me feel super anxious. I’m hormonal as it is and …