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Contraception & Monthly Cycle Post Children

A bit of a TMI post so apologies if this offends. But, I thought I would pop on and share my experience of what it is like for me each month when the dreaded time arrives as so many mums have told me they too experience horrendous periods after giving birth. Background So before having …


The Supermum Myth – Book Review

The Supermum Myth is a book that every mother should read whether you suffer from anxiety, guilt, feelings of comparison or negative thoughts. It is written by Anya Hayes and Dr Rachel Andrew and published by Crimson Publishing – an independent publisher based in Bath. The book is available from Amazon, Kindle and there is also …


Jumping On The Mummy Blog Bandwagon!

Where do I begin, I’ve wanted to start a parenting “mummy” blog for nearly 2 years. I first came across parenting blogs when I had my first child in 2012. I really wish I found these sources of honest information whilst I was pregnant as I cannot count how many times I have gone to …