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Birthday Weekend – Plymouth Adventures

We spent the weekend in Plymouth celebrating Amelie’s and my birthday early. Instead of throwing a big party like we did last year we decided to book a hotel and spend some time as a family – it was brilliant! We chose the Jurys Inn, Plymouth as it was close to the shopping centre and all other amenities.

My two love a road trip (not the journey, they moan the whole way) to a new town and were very excited at the thought of staying in a hotel. We were not disappointed upon arrival, the lady who checked us in was a star she gave us complimentary drinks and breakfast for the next morning. She also gave Amelie and Charlie some paper and pens to keep them occupied whilst mummy and daddy could enjoy a nice (and well earned) glass of red.

We headed to the shopping centre as the weather was miserable, first stop was coffee for the adults and chocolate milkshakes for the children. Amelie had her class teddy with her for the weekend so “Fred” came everywhere with us which Amelie loved of course. The Primark in Plymouth is massive, I enjoyed looking through all the clothes but I didn’t buy anything apart from a cheap pair of sunglasses.

Finally the rain stopped so we made our way to the Barbican, it is so pretty and has some lovely bars. We ended up in a Whetherspoons pub which isn’t the most glamorous but we really liked it and we knew what to expect. We sat in there for a few hours chatting whilst the children had dinner and a big chocolate ice cream.

Once back at the hotel I ran the children a big bubble bath which they had a blast splashing around in and it was then time for bed. We ordered room service for our tea as it was getting late and both children were asleep. We also enjoyed a bottle of wine, it was a lovely night. The next day however was horrendous, I woke up with a savage hangover. I had the shakes and felt sick, I think it was because I didn’t each much during the day on Saturday but I certainly made up for it on Sunday though, I’m ashamed at the amount of rubbish I ate but I had that empty tummy feeling and wasn’t full. I’m happy to say the bloat has gone down and I’m feeling good again, ha ha.

Now onto round 2, it is Amelie’s birthday today and my birthday on Friday so more cake (wooo hoo!) but no more wine for me!



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