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Butlins, Minehead – Just For Tots Week

We go on a Sun £9.50 holiday every year, some years we have two holidays and others just the once during Autumn. We decided to visit Butlins in Minehead last year for Charlie’s second birthday as we had exhausted all of the “good” Havens in Weymouth and Cornwall and fancied something different. We were very lucky to get the Just for Tots week during April 2016.

The Just for Tots week, is as you would expect a week dedicated to the little ones in your family. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew it would be entertaining as there is so much to do in and around Butlins. We were a bit naïve and booked a room for a family of 4 as we thought we wouldn’t need much space as we would be out most of the time.

Upon arriving in Minehead (we live about an hour and a half away) we drove up to the entrance to check in. Check in was super smooth and luckily there were no queues. We got our key and headed to our accommodation, which to be fair was very clean but very basic. There were 2 bedrooms with double beds and a substantial bathroom which had a bath big enough for mummy and the children to bath together and a toilet/sink. I was impressed that the room had proper working radiators in each bedroom and bathroom, this made life easier for drying clothes etc.

We made full use of the facilities and activities during our stay, there is so much to do. The staff around the site were amazing and really interacted with the children, if you have small/young children I would totally recommend taking them to the Just For Tots week as everything and I mean everything is catered for children. There were a few children who got separated from their parents which we saw, the staff were brilliant at locating the mums and dads and were very professional. That was a big fear of mine, losing the kiddies.

The swimming pool was so good, the children loved playing with all the Little Tikes pirate ships and other water toys from their range. Little Tikes plays a big part in Just for Tots week and even has a Little Tikes town where children can use the Cozy Coupe cars to drive round a track and fill up their cars with petrol (not real petrol obvs).

My two love Play-Doh and we were very excited to see a Play-Doh craft session where the children are invited to come along and play with vast amounts of Play-Doh and even take some new pots home. It was really good but you need to get there early as the queue builds up quickly.

Amelie raced to the donkeys as soon as she spotted them, she had a ride on one called Harvey. I was impressed at how well she rode the donkey, the children get a certificate at the end which is a really nice thing to keep and take home. The grounds of Butlins are lovely, there is always somewhere new to explore and we just loved walking down to where the new lodges were. They looked so luxurious and I would certainly stay in one if we booked next year. We were going to return to Butlins this year as Mr Tumble is there and I know Charlie would be so excited to see him perform but we booked a holiday abroad, hopefully next year we will go back. Although, I have seen that there is a Just for Tots break at Christmas, how amazing would that be!?

There are lots of places to eat and as the week is dedicated to little ones under 5 everywhere has something to keep them entertained. Although I think next time we visit we will either book an apartment or go all inclusive. The bars are kid friendly too, we went to the entertainment lounge a couple of times, the first time we saw Dave Benson-Phillips – anyone remember him from their childhood? He was hilarious and we were cracked up at his jokes and songs. The best show was the Sid and Rebecca from Cbeebies show. I think I was more excited than Amelie and Charlie. I made sure we sat right at the front to get the best view, their show was about pirates and was so much fun.

I was worried there wouldn’t be enough for Charlie to do as he was only just 2. We found a big indoor fair ground especially for under 5s. We spent so long in there going on the rides and slides, the queues were manageable as you know how impatient small children are. We also took Charlie on a hover boat, he had a little life jacket on and looked so cute zipping around with daddy.

Overall we had a great time, Amelie had her face painted, we laughed lots and had so much fun. Although I was shattered and totally drained from my trip away. I think it’s a mum thing as you are still constantly on the go, thinking of who needs what, where to eat, what snacks to pack, packing the swimming things, the constant “mum, mum, muuuuuum” and dinner time is never fun when you just want to eat your meal without having 25 toilet trips, hahaha! But that is all part of being their mum and I wouldn’t have it any other way – but just look at my tired haggard face ha ha!


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