Hand Luggage Snacks for Children

I’ve not had to pack a hand luggage bag in 4 years so had to check the restrictions with the airline we are flying with. Anyone with children will know they eat ALL THE TIME! Even when they aren’t particularly hungry they seem to snack day and night, my children are little monkeys when it comes to snacking, so I’m being prepared for every situation possible.

The snacks I’ve packed are not the healthiest so please don’t judge me, I’m preparing for negotiation, bribery and just five┬áminutes peace. When they eat, they are occupied which is handy when flying.

Here we have some dried snacks for Mr K and myself (nuts, Graze Box and Kind Bars) but for the kiddies I’ve packed a few of their favourite treats. Raisins, Fruit Strings, Yogurt Coated Strawberry Fruit Bites, Bear Paws and some juice. I also added some Fruit Winders to this bag, I know it looks like a lot of teeth rotting crap but if we are delayed, on a long bus journey etc I know I have something to keep them entertained for a bit.

I have to admit I am a bit obsessed with these zip lock bags. I’ve used them for toiletries, sun cream and more snacks to take in our suitcase. I bought them from Home Bargains for around 69p, I’m also taking a pack of small bags with me in my suitcase as I plan on taking some snacks for the children from the all inclusive food selection if we go on days out. I will probably use them to keep wet clothes in as well, they are very handy.

I also bought 2 new Sistema 330ml bottles to take through security, I will fill them up with water at the other end. I will certainly make sure they are full up before we hop on the coach to our hotel as I have no idea how long it will take and I hate the children not having a drink to hand.


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