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Paultons Park, Peppa Pig World at Christmas 2016

We had planned to visit Paultons Park at Christmas for ages as both children loved visiting last year when Charlie was 1.  Although we had been to Peppa Pig World before, this was in April and it looked amazing on the website to visit during the festive period. We usually visit Otter Nurseries as the whole experience there is so magical for young children.

We only really visit one Father Christmas during December as not to confuse the children, Amelie is already asking if  the “real” Father Christmas sits in a grotto speaking to children. I’ve told her it is his helper as he is so busy getting ready for Christmas Eve that he sent an elf to help him out and report back. My mum told me the same thing when I was little so I figured I would carry this on.

We thought it would be nice if our Elf brought the children their tickets for Peppa Pig World along with a magazine each for the journey. The look on their sweet little faces when they went into the front room that morning was a picture, they were so excited and couldn’t wait to get going.

When we arrived we were greeted by a huge Christmas tree dripping in fairy lights, I could tell from then that we were in for a good day. We weren’t booked in to see Father Christmas until lunch time so had a bit of a mooch around the gardens. When it was time to see the big man we headed to the grotto. There we were met by an elf who guided us through to a magical wonderland. It was absolutely amazing, the park had thought of everything. We had to follow a magical path to the North Pole along the way were singing reindeer, magic trees, Santa’s workshop and so many cute animals.

Before we reached Father Christmas we had to wait in his workshop, the children loved this as there were some friendly elves who were chatting about being good on Christmas Eve and going to bed early. Then it was time to see the main man. We went into a room with Father Christmas, a huge Christmas tree and an elf. I thought Charlie would shy away but he was full of chatter and asked for a blue and yellow yo-yo. Amelie asked for a puppy – news to me as she had previously asked for My Fairy Garden. Father Christmas got that memo so that is what she is having from him on Christmas morning.

We had our photo taken and then it was off to the workshop outside to pick up the gifts. I have to say, I didn’t have much hope for the presents they were to receive as you know what it is like, most places always give out utter crap or really cheaply made toys that break within an hour of opening them. However, I was certainly surprised when Charlie and Amelie opened their presents. Charlie got a Melissa & Doug wooden dinosaur puzzle and Amelie got a really luxurious teddy bear with a beanie bum.

On our way through the park we stopped off at the showground where there was a Christmas performance underway, it featured singing dancing and a snow machine – what more could you want! Charlie wasn’t feeling it though and proceeded to scoot around in the fake snow begging to go on the pirate ship ride.

With our ticket Mums and Dads were entitled to a festive treat in the form of a mince pie and hot punch (no alcohol in it though which was a bummer). We sat down to scoff our mince pies but the children were adamant they wanted them as apparently they loved mince pies. Safe to say they did not love them and mine ended up on the floor for the ducks to eat and Amelie licked off all the sugar so left it.

We headed into Peppa Pig World, by this time we were all freezing our toes off, even though it was dry and sunny it was freezing. We tried to warm up in Peppa’s house but the children wanted to go on the rides, which was fine. We had a great time meeting Peppa and George, Charlie was not a fan even though he is obsessed with Peppa he would not go near her or George.

We rode the carousel and went to see a 4D cinema show. It was fantastic, I would highly recommend a trip next year. Although a little pricey it was worth it as an extra treat. We stayed until the park closed and waved goodbye to Billy the Elf, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph. The children were exhausted and slept the whole way home they had so much fun, we made lots of lovely memories.


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