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Weekend Adventures – Beach, Church & Somerset

The children broke up for the Christmas holidays on Friday as did Mr K, I have them all home for 2 weeks – magic! Last week saw a sickness bug, croup, 2 coughs, 2 colds, an infection, antibiotics and 2 bottles of calpol. I was more than ready for the weekend.


Our first stop was the best pasty shop in the world – Moore’s Pasties, Exmouth – we picked up 2 Christmas pasties and 2 sausages rolls. We nearly went home with a hamster as we nipped into the pet shop, they had the cutest little hamster and he was climbing along his cage just willing us to take him home. We had to resist though as we do not have any space in our current house to keep an animal, maybe when we move though.

We took our pasties to Exmouth Beach, it was a gorgeous morning but everyone was cold so we ended up back in the car admiring the view.

I took the children to a Christmas party at our local church, I’m the first to admit I’m not really religious but there is something about the church that is so welcoming and there is lots of community spirit. The lovely people who run the parent/toddler group and who organised the wonderful party are fantastic, plus they make the best homemade cakes. All the children had a blast dancing, playing games and consuming copious amounts of buffet food and cakes.


We had a slow paced morning before heading to Somerset to visit family. A feast awaited us, roast potatoes, chicken, stuffing, veg, a beef pie and lashings of gravy. For pudding was a homemade raspberry pavlova with double cream, it was utterly delicious.  The children played outside winding the chickens up and racing around as you do. On the way home we were looking out for Christmas lights, it seems that everyone has outdone themselves this year. I am loving the tons of twinkling lights and festive wreaths they look so pretty.

I can’t believe it is only a week until Christmas in a way it makes me sad because I much prefer the build up rather than Christmas day itself. For now I’m going to soak up the magic with the children and Mr K, I am looking forward to making memories and spending time as a family.


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