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How To: Gluten & Dairy Free Gooey Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Who doesn’t love a gooey chocolate chunk cookie washed down with a hot cuppa tea!? After being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease the option for me to scoff my face with those delicious supermarket cookies was non existent and to be honest I was devastated.

I have been trying to bake our own sweet treats and reaching less for the shop bought version as some of the gluten free options are loaded with sweeteners which really irritate my tummy. If you are looking for a cookie that is gooey on the inside yet a little crisp on the outer layer then I have just the recipe for you.



350g Chocolate Dairy/Gluten Free Spread (you can also use Nutella)

1 x Egg

130g Gluten Free Self Raising Flour

1 x Bar of Free From Chocolate

2 x Bags of Free From Chocolate Buttons



First you will need to preheat the oven at around 180 degrees, line a baking tray with some greaseproof paper and leave that to one side.

In a big mixing bowl scoop out the chocolate spread, you may need to heat it in the microwave for a few seconds to loosen it from the jar. You can use Nutella for this recipe as Nutella is gluten free, I think that would work really well and taste amazing. But if you are looking for a dairy free alternative then the Nature’s Store Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread it amazing.

Add the egg to the spread and give it a little mix. Then add the gluten free self raising flour and mix until all of the ingredients have combined together it will look like a big bowl of chocolate but it will be of a dough consistency.

Once mixed, I set the kiddies to work dividing the dough into 9 small balls. You will need to take each ball and slightly flatten it but not too much.

Next, add a square/chunk of your chosen chocolate to the middle of the flattened ball, push this down  into the centre. Then fold the dough around the chocolate chunk and roll it into a ball gently.

Pop 6 evenly spaced out cookie balls onto the baking tray and flatten again slightly. Add the chocolate buttons to the top of the cookies, you could also use M&Ms or any other chocolates you choose.

Bake for around 10 minutes, keeping an eye on them as they do spread quickly. Take them out of the oven when they are still soft.

Allow them to cool in the fridge for around 30 -45 minutes.

To finish we melted the left over chocolate and drizzled it over the baked cookies. Again, pop them back in the fridge for the best results, they taste absolutely amazing!

These were demolished within 2 days, we will certainly be baking them again.


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